The nature of imagination

The human imagination is a fount of creativity.  We can imagine things that we have never seen or heard, imagine multiple possible outcomes of events that have not yet happened, and even imagine things that are impossible in the real world.

Most animals are capable of learning and arguably have some capacity for imagination, but humans appear to be unique in this capacity for creativity. Sometimes we put these imaginings into action and change the world we live in.

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Memes, music and legends

We may think that human consciousness is what makes us creative, but creativity is itself an evolutionary process. Just as elephants and the AIDS virus were novel creations of genetic evolution, so music, literature and art are novel creations of memetic evolution.

We human meme machines copy old memes, mix them up in our heads, and spew out new combinations – the most creative of us being the best copiers and recombiners of memes.

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The structure of music

In this article, screenwriter JT Velikovsky discusses the holon-parton nature of music.

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