Brand: a bag of memes

Consider two boxes of laundry detergent. They probably contain the same powder from the same manufacturer, but one is labelled as a supermarket’s own brand, while the other could be an internationally recognised name.  The owners of that name have implanted memes in you that lead you to think of sunny summer days, of caring for your family, finding a sex partner, and supporting your country.

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Camels, cowboys & motorised bunnies

If a brand is a memeplex, then it should be subject to the rigours of evolution.  We would expect to see copy fidelity (exhibited as brand stability and longevity), a degree of mutation, and the effects of selection pressures.  

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Accidental evolution of brands

Evolution of brands can also occur without conscious action on the part of their owner, and sometimes very much against their interests.  

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Directed evolution of brands

Brands, or the memes they are composed of, face selection pressures just like any other memeplex. 

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Not the message you wanted?

It doesn’t matter what you values want the brand to carry, what counts is the associations the customers make, and that's affected by the other memes they are running.

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