The role of a leader

Almost everyone who reads this site will have some form of leadership role either in business or outside it, so it is worth considering the nature of leadership, and how it can be improved by understanding the memetic nature of organisations.

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The dysfunctional man

While this site is, by and large, been a celebration of memes as the carriers of most of the things we would see as part of civilisation, we must remember that they have a bad side as well. We saw in the article on types of political structure how societies can come to be dominated by a memeplex such as Fascism, and how this often ends bloodily. We also saw in 'Diagnosing sick organisations' how organisations can become obsessed with a solution like customer relationship management systems or six sigma, and lose their way entirely. It should come as no surprise that memetic dysfunctions can happen in individuals too.

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Why nurses have more friends than lawyers

For some people, an opportunity to spread their memes is the best reward you can give them. Here's why...

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The good corporate citizen

I once worked for a very large firm that sent all new hires on an induction course.  On one such course, I heard a young man, poached from a rival firm, say that his objectives for the course were to be ‘successfully reprogrammed’.  Workers at his previous employer were unaffectionately known as ‘androids’, and so we all had a good laugh at his expense.  Today, I bow my head when I think of this piece of wisdom. 

People who succeed in organisations need drive, energy, passion, commitment…and the right set of memes.  

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Believe less

It is not my intention to add to the piles of ‘self-help’ books that have been written on how to purify your life or reach your objectives, but I could not finish a section on changing other people’s minds without some suggestions on how you might change your own. 

Perhaps the secret of happiness is to aim for a set of personal memes that are consistent with each other, consistent with reality, and support what you are trying to achieve in life.

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