Wetware and memeware

The hardware of the human meme machine is the brain; the memes themselves act as application software, and the brain is the operating system that decides what memes to store, load and run.

The parts of the brain often referred to as the limbic system play a key role in meme acceptance. The emotional relevance of the input, together with consistency to things we’ve previously experienced, determines whether or not we can accept it easily. The limbic system also amends and builds the brain pathways that are used to process subsequent information.

Memes which invoke emotions increase the chances of their sticking. It doesn’t really matter whether the memes are surrounded by the love and concern of a parent or whether the memes invoke fear, anger and loathing, the imprinting process is the same.

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Scaring others for fun and profit

We humans are astonishingly bad at making decisions because fear gets in the way . Fear is often itself triggered by uncertainty, a condition the brain hates to find itself in, and so the brain will accept information that resolves the uncertainty, even if it is profoundly untrue. Fear makes memes stick.

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Are we truly conscious?

Who am ‘I’?....Is there really a ‘me’, a little thinking being sitting behind my eyes and controlling my wrists as I type this, or behind your eyes while you read it?  

What would my mind be like if it was free of memes?

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