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Can I use material published on this site?

Broadly speaking, yes.  

Except where indicated by reference [e.g. Dennet (2009)], copyright is retained by the author of the article. Occasionally, references will appear in an adjacent article (this is an artefact arising from the nature of the site) and any breach of copyright by the author is entirely inadvertent!  A list of sources can be see in References.

However, the majority of work on this site is licensed under the  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.  That means you are free to print, distribute, modify, quote and re-use any materials on this website subject to a couple of small caveats, listed below. 

Exceptions: some articles will not be released under the Creative Commons Licence and this will be clearly indicated at the head of an article.

Attribution: all 'use', including production of derivative works, must include attribution to the author and a link to this site

Commercial use: commercial use is allowed save for use in or related to the management consultancy profession.

 For further information, please contact Practical Memetics via the Contact Us form (on the About... menu).

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