About Practical Memetics

Practical Memetics is a resource for those interested in memes in the real world. Memes, replicated pieces of information, are the ‘cultural carriers’ that determine most of the modern world. Memes determine the ways we act, the ways we think, and the way that we run our organisations and social structures: they are the foundation of modern civilisation.

If you are new to these ideas, click on the 'Memetics 101' item in the TOPICS menu on the right hand side of the page.  This will introduce you to the basic concepts about memes: what they are (and what they aren't), how they spread, and where they come from. 'Social Structures' will take you to articles on economics, legal and political system, religion and philosophy, and on how national identity is transmitted.

Material on the site is grouped into categories and presented as a set of articles, which are themselves broken into pages.  You may find it easier to print, or read on a large screen, if you click the 'all pages' link at the head of an article.